Create your customized
digital loyalty cards in your customer's pre-installed
Increase visits and revenues by using cards if you have:
Google Wallet
Apple Wallet
Kavárnu nebo provozovnu Bubble Tea
The BondUs web marketing platform offers:
Discounts, bonuses, stamp cards, membership cards, gift vouchers, etc...
  • to add card to your existing loyalty program
  • to create your digital card design
  • to choose from ready-to-use platform solutions:
How does it work?
Push and Geo notifications!
Send an unlimited number of push messages to inform customers about new products or offers directly to their digital wallet card
We support Apple and Google Wallets apps!
The card can be shared using a link or QR code. Customers add the card to their pre-installed popular mobile wallets
Design the front of the card (logo, banner, variables) and the back of the card (important information, contacts, links)
Web scanner or CRM integration!
You can update bonuses, rewards, discounts, membership cards and gift cards in real time using a web scanner or your CRM
Share the card with QR and links
Update the data on customer cards
Create marketing campaigns
It's easy and we're happy to help!
Sign up and design your card
Complete information about customers and their purchases
Data & Stats
Geo alerts
Automatic sending of location-based push alerts to customers
Inform customers about news and offers directly on the card
Free push notifications
The average ROI of BondUs is 1 month after implementation
Over 20% of cardholders are repeat visitors
Digital cards spread in 10x faster than apps or plastic cards
Modern marketing, boost your profits
Increase your revenue
Create more interest with your brand
Get customers excited
Motivate customers to return and increase their average bill
Increase sales
Get to know the power of digital loyalty cards
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