BondUs Booking system
Manage reservations using convenient tools.
Attract, retain and interact with new, regular, and potential clients.
Basic functions
Управляйте бронированием при помощи удобных инструментов.
Система бронирования BondUs - решение для бизнеса любого размера.
Привлекайте, удерживайте, взаимодействуйте с новыми, постоянными и потенциальными клиентами.
Calendar and registry book
Interactive calendar where visits are recorded with information about the client, specialist, service, and time.
Possibility to add an unlimited number of branches to the system and manage them.
Management of branches
Display of data in the dashboard according to key parameters (visits, sales, profit, dynamics of registration).
Online registration of clients by installing a widget on a website and sharing links on social network profiles.
Online registration 24/7
Accounting, statistics, and search of clients in the system through filters.
Clients database
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A convenient way of making reservations with a choice of service, expert, date, and time, as well as the possibility for cancellation or rescheduling..
Online Telegram registration bot for clients
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Viewing and managing reservations by employees. Notification of reservations, cancellations, and rescheduling.
Online Telegram registration bot for staff
Reservation confirmation, client notification via e-mail, text messages and push notifications.
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IOS and Android applications for administrators and employees. Make reservations and manage them on your phone quickly and efficiently.
Mobile application
If necessary, the following features can be added to the menu. Features are created and added for an additional cost.

Additional features
Fixed salary, commissions
Employee payroll calculation system
Purchasing planning and control. Accounting and inventory of consumables
Goods inventory
Integration of payments in the online reservation bot and mobile application
Integration with payment systems
Data export, import, and exchange via API
Integration with accounting systems
Mobile application for business
Online catalog of companies and specialists in your city and beyond. Geolocation search, ratings, reviews, promotions, special offers, and most importantly - the ability to book and pay on your smartphone in a few clicks.

Mobile application for clients
A handy tool for optimizing the work of your employees. Control of key indicators, creation, viewing and editing of records. Reports, analytics and business management from your smartphone.

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